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Labor Market Forces Shape the Fed’s Next Move

CAP STRAT’s Mike Warford, CFA, and Mike Rarey, CFA, offer an insightful market analysis to help you navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. This month:

– The importance of the labor market to the Fed and markets right now
– Risk of a recession as unemployment ticks up
– Earnings expectations: Magnificent 7 vs. other 493
– Concerns about high equity concentration and why Mike says, “This is pretty crazy.”
– Predicting the Next President with data – A preview of the next Deep Dive by CAP STRAT

Mike Rarey

Mike Rarey, CFA

Principal, Director of Investment Research

Mike oversees CAP STRAT's investment research processes and leads the development of CAP STRAT's economic and financial market outlook and capital market assumptions.

Michael Warford

Michael Warford, CFA

Principal, Senior Research Analyst

Mike supports the firm’s investment research capabilities by performing in-depth analysis on fixed income investment managers, focusing on manager style, strategy, and execution.