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Hiking Into Recession

CAP STRAT’s Will Woodall and Mike Rarey, CFA, bring you the most important headlines and investment insights from this week. In this episode:
– Investing FOMO and return-chasing
– Response to the latest CPI print
– Additional rate hikes for the rest of 2023?
– Plus the investment outlook based on inflation, economic growth, and liquidity data.

Will Woodall

Will Woodall

In Memoriam 1966 - 2024

Will was a founder and Managing Principal of CAP STRAT leading all aspects of the business enterprise, overseeing the investment strategy and process, technology, operations, business development, and client service.

Mike Rarey

Mike Rarey, CFA

Principal, Director of Investment Research

Mike oversees CAP STRAT's investment research processes and leads the development of CAP STRAT's economic and financial market outlook and capital market assumptions.