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This Is Why the Fed Just Crushed the Housing Market

As the Fed rapidly raises interest rates, mortgage costs soar freezing housing sales and starts. CAP STRAT’s Mike Rarey, CFA, is joined by a special guest for an in-depth look at the data. And our most asked questions this week:

When will it be good to buy a house again?
What does all of this mean for someone who does not plan to buy or sell a house?
What data releases are you watching over the next month?

Will Woodall

Will Woodall

Managing Principal

Will is Managing Principal of CAP STRAT and leads all aspects of the business enterprise, overseeing the investment strategy and process, technology, operations, business development, and client service.

Mike Rarey

Mike Rarey, CFA

Director of Investment Research

Mike oversees CAP STRAT's investment research processes and leads the development of CAP STRAT's economic and financial market outlook and capital market assumptions.